Stand by Me (Review)

Stand by Me is one of the three greatest film adaptions of Stephen King novels, up there with Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile. It is one of the great heavyweights of Stephen King adaptions, and yet, couldn’t be more different from either of them. At its heart Stand by Me is a true coming-of-age film celebrating pre-adolescent camaraderie and adventure. Thirty-three years later this Oscar and Golden Globe nominated film still stands strong. Continue reading Stand by Me (Review)

Anna (Review)

Luc Besson is best known for his hit pre-2000 films such as Léon: The Professional, The Big Blue, and The Fifth Element. In 2019 Besson released his latest film, Anna, a no-trills thriller set between a variety of beautiful locations such as Paris and Moscow. And at the epicentre we have Anna¸ an undercover KGB agent with a licence to kill indiscriminately. The star is our light-blonde Anna Poliatova (Sasha Luss) on the streets of 1990’s Soviet Moscow selling matryoshka dolls, before long she is snapped up by a scout for a model agency based in Paris. Within a blink of … Continue reading Anna (Review)